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The Vicious Mammals are a rockin' rollin' band from Southcentral Alaska, bringing original music that'll punch you right in the mouth with a big ol' fist full of rock n' roll. Check out the About Us section for more info, or Contact us for booking info if you're so inclined!
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February 25, 2016 - Hey all! We had a great string of shows in Palmer and Seward AK. It was our first time in Seward and we had a blast. The Yukon Bar is a great little joint and we were happy to get up close and personal with our new friends there. All the shows were rad, thank you so much.

Now, if you haven't noticed at the top of the page, we have a BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO for Black & White Limo! Filmed, directed and edited by the awesome Peter Doucette, we've gotten a lot of good feedback on this video and we are stoked by the response so far. So please check it out if you haven't already and, if you like it, PLEASE SHARE IT. We are a blue-collar band from way up in Alaska and we need your help to promote this thing. Thanks, and stay tuned for our next big adventure!

November 16, 2015 - We've been playing it quiet for a while, and holding our cards close to our chests and such, but don't worry, we're not dead. Actually we've booked a few winter tour dates close to home for you to check out, if you're interested.

First off we'll be rocking at the Palmer Community Center (AKA the Depot) on December 27th with our friends Transitions, Tamerlane and Chelsea's Biscuit. This is going to be a really cool show on our home turf, and it's an ALL AGES show. We really wanted to do one for the kids since so many of you have been asking us when we'd do an all ages close to home. Well, here it is! Also, we have a special guest of honor who will be joining us, and some fun surprises too. There's lots to be excited about, not the least of which is the lineup. Tamerlane just got off a US tour this summer; Transitions are wicked and talented as hell, and Chelsea's Biscuit is a great band we have never played with before, so we are stoked to have them join us.

We are pre-selling tickets for the Palmer show for only six dollars and they're going fast. Don't wait to buy them at the door -- it'll cost extra and the show might sell out before you get there! It's best to order them online (click the link below) or just contact us if you're in the area. We can meet up with you and sell you a ticket face to face, cash or credit.

In February we are following that up with two shows in Seward, AK at the Yukon Bar. We'll be doing two sets both nights, which we've never done, and we've never played in Seward before either. So we're excited to cross a new town off the list!

October 09, 2015 - Woah! Well, that's a first for us -- our first live televised performance. Thanks so much to KTVA CBS 11 in Anchorage for having us in the Daybreak studio for a Mic Check in the morning. Everyone was super rad and it was really fun. Check out the link below to watch our performance and interview on their website!

September 22, 2015 - Just wanted to shoot you a quick update. We've been sitting back a while because we've got some irons in the fire we want to firm up before saying too much, BUT...some cool stuff is happening and we can't wait any longer.

First off, check out this interview Jesse did with AVA Live Radio that they just published on their website. Tomorrow afternoon (5:20pm Alaska time) you can tune in for a live follow-up so be sure to check that out too!

Another big thing is going on soon, which is our appearance on KTVA CBS Daybreak "Mic Check in the Morning" where we will be doing a live televised performance. If you're in the Anchorage area you can tune in to Channel 11 or you can steam it live from their website. This is gonna go down on October 9th at 6am local time so get up early (or just stay up and keep partying).

Finally...shows! The whole point of all this, right? On October 3 we are playing in Homer, AK at the Alibi, late...11pm we hit the stage. No opening acts, just some Vicious Mammals tearing down the house followed by DJ Construct at midnight to keep the party going. We have some other shows in the works for later this winter. A few are tentative and we are just waiting to confirm, and we have at least one other iron in the fire -- all in towns we've never played before. We'll probably dash in some local shows for all our hometown friends too, I'd assume. So soon we'll be updating the shows page with all the pertinent info -- keep an eye out.

August 13, 2015 - The Alaska mini-tour is over and we've had time to lick our wounds and recover. Believe us, that last leg of the trip was brutal. Four shows in three days, getting up early to Fairbanks and staying up all night to drive back to Wasilla. Not to mention the shows! You guys really lit it up. We enjoyed performing for every single one of you and are really stoked and encouraged that everything came together so well. Thanks to all of you who came out to the shows, all the bands, and all the venues. We're going to lay back for a little bit and see what happens but we're definitely eager to get back out on the road and see some new faces and new places again. Where should we go next?

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