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Press Clippings:

"Holy cow...it's a foot stomper that you'll be singing along to, I promise."

-- Andy Ball, KZND 94.7FM

"...Tracks like 'Suzie', 'Smokey the Bandit', 'Pay Off' and 'Hot Wheels' place it somewhere between that of England's 1970's pub rock scene and early punk clubs like The Roxy, the Vortex and CBGB's...Vicious Mammals and the early Stranglers would have got on like a house on fire back in the mid 1970's."

"The Vicious Mammals are every bit the 'boozed up, recovering-from-a-coke-bender punky bluesy gnarly rock n' roll' band that they so proudly proclaim to be"

-- Johnny Heartbreaker, Punked Zine

"In the same bloodline as Social Distortion and the Ramones comes The Vicious Mammals. Straight in your face pure and raw rock and roll. No excuses, no gimmicks just the real deal. With Springsteen like lyrics and pure sound they symbolize a true rock and roll spirit."

-- Uncivil Revolt

Straight out of Wasilla, Alaska, the Vicious Mammals are a band that has been taking listeners by surprise with their brand of go-for-the-throat rock n' roll. Prior to establishing themselves as members of the Anchorage-area punk scene in 2014, the Mammals crew individually cut their teeth in various noteworthy, notorious, and sometimes obscure bands. The group initially drew together to assault their neighbors with a hugely successful DIY show on a floating dock in the middle of a lake! Bouyed by the reaction that day, the Vicious Mammals were inspired to set out on the road to rock n' roll glory and haven't slowed down since.

The Vicious Mammals are an original band putting a modern spin on a throwback sound. With strong influences in early punk, garage, blues and glam rock, the band combines a straight-ahead, no-nonsense rock n' roll groove with gritty, streetwise lyrics. With songs that touch on topics such as evading the police, getting your heart broken by drug-dealing strippers, and the criminals and punkers of yesteryear, Vicious Mammals' subject matter reads like an encyclopedia of low-life sleaze.

Swimming against the current in an era where bands compete to outdo one another in terms of being the most complex or post-anything, Vicious Mammals have one simple goal: hold high the banner of rock n' roll and storm the gates of the music establishment. They've already fired the opening salvo in this battle and formed a beachhead in their small corner of the world. From there, they plan to use their upcoming debut album (anticipated to be released in summer/fall 2015) as a battering ram to expand their reach -- and their touring war-path -- world wide!


Junkyard Jesse - Guitars and Vocals

Dick Nitrous - Guitars & Vocals

Dale Payne - Drums

C.J. - Bass

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